#1 Tool to Create WordPress Squeeze Pages Quickly And Start Building Your List

1. Triple your conversion rate with two step opt-in

If you don't know how two-step optin works, here is a quick introduction. Normally, to capture emails from your visitors, you will need to display a form that contains some fields. The most important field is email. Then, you may have first name and last name field. 


In the past, that's the default way to go. However, modern web visitors are immuned to option form since emails have been receiving bad reputation thanks to spammers (yeah, they are the one to blame).


So, what's the solution?


That's two-step optin. Let me show you how it works. For example, you have a great free ebook to offer for free in exchange for visitors email. You would create a form like this in WP Lead Plus X:




It looks good, right? However, you may wonder how you can get the visitors' emails with this squeeze page?


The answer appears when you click on the giant "Get Instant Access" button.



Nice, isn't it? I got 30% more subscribers by doing this alone. You can checkout the real squeeze page here for yourself.


2. Awesome templates

With WP Lead Plus X, you can try your creativity to create your own squeeze pages, popups from scratch. However, you can always use the pre-made winning templates to build a page super quickly.


3. Create squeeze page, popups, in-post widgets with one tool

Nowadays, using squeeze alone is not enough. If your offer doesn't get much exposure, chances are you don't get many subscribers. I speak from my own experience here. I once implement one exit intent popup to display my free offer (with optin form), my conversion rate was like 5%. 


After that, I added another popup when the visitor stays on the site for 5 seconds. I also added small optin-widget inside my posts. Guess what, I increased my conversion rate to 45%. 



Popup appears after x second

Popup appears after mouse exit page

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